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Hike Agency | Paid Media

We don't just aim to increase your sales; we strive to enhance your brand's recognition and authority.

Hike Agency | Paid Media
Hike Agency | Paid Media

The client.

Hike Agency | Paid Media


Paid media & Strategy

LN4 is the personal merchandise brand created by Lando Norris, a British Formula 1 driver who competes for the McLaren team. The brand offers a range of products including clothing, accessories, and other fan merchandise. The brand aims to engage his fanbase by providing high-quality, stylish merchandise that represents his personality and career in motorsports.

Hike Agency | Paid Media

The brief.

Hike Agency | Paid Media

From how well the work with QUADRANT did, LN4 wanted us to come in and help with 3 main things. 

  • Acquire New Customers:

    • Increase the overall customer base through targeted social media and search advertising.

    • Expand brand awareness and reach to new demographics with relatable interested and related automotive products.

  • Increase Sales:

    • Boost online sales through compelling and strategic ad campaigns.

    • Implement promotional campaigns tied to major events and off-season periods to maintain sales momentum.

  • Customer Retention:

    • Develop strategies to engage and retain customers during off-peak periods.

    • Implement re-engagement campaigns to ensure consistent sales and customer loyalty.

The services.

  • Paid Social: They wanted us to leverage awareness, traffic and conversion campaigns, utilising some of the amazing content they created. We used visually engaging content showcasing products, especially new drops and their long-standing core collection. We then leveraged this to entice a new and larger audience than they already had. We also implemented retargeting campaigns for users who have visited the website or engaged with social posts.

  • Paid Search: We optimised search ads with keywords related to the McLaren Formula One team, team gear, and automotive collectables.
    We used YouTube video ads to tell the brand story and showcase product features. We also ran performance max ads across Google to garner interest, showcase the brand and push sales.

  • Strategy: During the Grand Prix season, our goal was to maximise sales during peak interest periods and capitalise on the excitement around races. In between races we maintained customer interest and drove sales through advertising buzz and engaging content.

The outcome.

Our collaboration with LN4 produced fantastic results, significantly surpassing expectations and delivering strong performance metrics:

  • We helped increase overall sales by an astounding 1,100%.

  • We boosted online sessions by 161%, driving more traffic and engagement to the LN4 website.

  • We increased the returning customer rate by 60%, enhancing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

  • Our efforts generated over £73,000 in new revenue.

  • We achieved a remarkable ROAS of 15x on Google and 10.8x on Meta, ensuring highly efficient use of the advertising budget.

These outcomes highlight the effectiveness of our strategic approach in driving significant growth and long-term value for LN4.


Working with Hike, led by Elliott and his team, has been an absolute game-changer for us. Elliott's leadership style fosters a collaborative and open environment that has made every project a breeze.


The results speak for themselves – our KPIs have seen a massive improvement since partnering with Hike. What sets them apart is not just their expertise but also their genuine commitment to transparent communication. 


In a nutshell, Hike isn't just a service provider; they're a true partner in success. Thanks to Elliott and the team for making our journey together not only successful but enjoyable. 

Louis Broomfield | Veloce Media Group

Hike Agency | Paid Media

Some of our work.

Hike Agency | Paid Media


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner
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