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Hike Agency | Paid Media

We don't just aim to increase your sales; we strive to enhance your brand's recognition and authority.

Hike Agency | Paid Media

The client.

Hike Agency | Paid Media


Paid media & Strategy

Quadrant™ is an entertainment, athlete, and apparel brand founded by Formula 1’s Lando Norris. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to craft more entertaining and uplifting moments than anyone else.

Quadrant™ stands as the new generation entertainment brand, dedicated to putting smiles on faces around the globe. They achieve their mission through content creation, collaboration with influential creators, partnerships with exceptional athletes and curated apparel offerings.

They redefine entertainment by creating memorable experiences that resonate with their community.

Hike Agency | Paid Media

The brief.

Hike Agency | Paid Media

QUADRANT engaged our services to enhance their digital marketing efforts, specifically focusing on paid social, paid search, and overall strategy. Our aim was to increase sales, lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) and genrally increase brand awareness.

The primary objectives for QUADRANT are twofold. First, they want to develop and implement campaigns that drive significant sales growth. Second, they seeked to optimise their advertising strategies to reduce the cost per acquisition, ensuring a more efficient use of their marketing budget.

The services.

  • Paid Social: QUADRANT required the creation and management of targeted social media advertising campaigns. Leveraging platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we enhanced their brand visibility and engagement through a blend of creative and data-driven approaches.

  • Paid Search: For paid search, we developed and executed Google search, shopping and performance max campaigns aimed at reaching the right audiences. Our goal is to optimise ad spend for maximum return on investment (ROI) and lower CPA. Utilising data analytics, we continuously refined targeting and improved ad performance.

  • Strategy: We crafted a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that integrated both paid social and paid search efforts. By analysing market trends and consumer behaviors, we were able to make informed strategic decisions that drove growth. Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on real-time data also ensured optimal performance and sustained growth.

The outcome.

Our partnership with QUADRANT yielded exceptional results, significantly enhancing their digital marketing performance and overall business growth.


Here are the key outcomes:

  • We increased total sales by an impressive 93%, showcasing the effectiveness of our marketing strategy.

  • The number of orders attributed to our marketing efforts rose by 36%, highlighting the direct impact of our campaigns.

  • We saw a substantial increase in their AOV of 23%, contributing to higher overall revenue per transaction.

  • Returning customer rate increased by 33%, indicating stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Our efforts resulted in over £108,000 in new revenue for the business.

  • The number of sales attributed to our marketing strategies increased by 65%, underlining the success of our targeted campaigns.

  • We achieved an average ROAS of 8.51x across Google and Meta, demonstrating the high efficiency and profitability of our advertising efforts.

  • We increased online sessions by 23%, reflecting higher engagement and interest in QUADRANT's online presence.

These outcomes not only met but exceeded QUADRANT's objectives, driving significant growth and positioning their brand for sustained success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.


Working with Hike, led by Elliott and his team, has been an absolute game-changer for us. Elliott's leadership style fosters a collaborative and open environment that has made every project a breeze.


The results speak for themselves – our KPIs have seen a massive improvement since partnering with Hike. What sets them apart is not just their expertise but also their genuine commitment to transparent communication. 


In a nutshell, Hike isn't just a service provider; they're a true partner in success. Thanks to Elliott and the team for making our journey together not only successful but enjoyable. 

Louis Broomfield | Veloce Media Group

Hike Agency | Paid Media

Some of our work.

Hike Agency | Paid Media


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner


Hike Agency | Paid Media | Partner
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